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Be Strong Enough To Stand Alone; Smart Enough To Know When You Need Help
And Brave Enough To Ask For It

Why go to 

Counselling and Psychotherapy

It can be very difficult talking to family and friends about certain sensitive issues you may be experiencing. Counselling and psychotherapy offers you an opportunity to talk about and explore what you are experiencing with a trained professional who will not judge you. You will feel safe knowing that everything you say will remain confidential.  Through this exploration of your feelings you will become more aware of what makes you you!  

Counselling and Psychotherapy can also help you understand how you are feeling, why you feel the way you do, and ultimately provide a way to cope with these feelings. Psychotherapy aims to connect people with their emotions and deal with them rather than avoid them. 

Often you may notice a cycle or a pattern in the way you think and act and you may want to challenge and change them but feel stuck and trapped. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you work through this process.



Taking it one step further, you don't have to be suffering from "real issues" to benefit from therapy. Some other reasons to go therapy could include;


You want to make a good marriage great - in between work, family and every day life the fun in a relationship can lose it's spark. Learn how to revive it and reignite the passion

Low Self Esteem - therapy can help you accept yourself and love yourself for who you are

You want to be a better parent - you see yourself copying your parents bad habits and you want to stop the cycle and do things better


Forgive and forget - you've been holding a grudge for so many years. Don't underestimate it's effect on you. Therapy can help you work through it and help you move on.

Be more assertive - you feel you can do so much more but you just don't have the confidence. A therapist can help you build your confidence so you can believe in yourself and accomplish so much more.

You're undergoing a big change - don't wait until the change overwhelms you. go armed with the skills you need to tackle the challenges you may face

There are so many challenges in our lives this is by no means a comprehensive list. A therapist can help you navigate the challenges thrown your way and give you tools to succeed. 

You need to find a therapist you trust and feel safe with and the impact can be huge.


Give it a go, it's worth it

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